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When Leo Portugal first started his own electrical contracting company in 2006, he called it “Elecix.” He did business under this name for 6 years, but although his customers were highly satisfied with his work, English speakers consistently struggled to pronounce his business name.  After some consideration, he decided to choose a new name, one that would be both more meaningful and easier to say.

“Transform” is such an obvious choice in retrospect that it’s amazing it hadn’t already been taken. Both the everyday and the technical meanings of the word are appropriate to an electrician who specializes in green energy and universal design.

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When I first hired Leo Portugal he was new to the Bay Area and didn’t have a large network. I hired him to completely re-wire the main electrical service to my house in Berkeley California. It was a difficult job because previous owners had either done the home repairs without permits or proper wiring techniques, or hired un-qualified contractors who had completed some wiring against code.

Leo gave me a good value for the price that he asked. He completely cleaned up the wiring in the house and completed the main. The City Inspector commented that it was the best re-constructed wiring job he had seen.

I would highly recommend Leo Portugal. He is an expert with a high degree of integrity. He always produces great results.