Upgraded residential electrical panel

Panel & Wiring Upgrades

Replace your obsolete fuse box with a modern electrical panel in a single day, even if you need to pull down more current from the power mains. At Transform, we aim to help you find the least destructive way to accomplish your goal.
Energy-efficient kitchen lighting

Residential Remodeling

Remodeling your home is the perfect opportunity for an electrical overhaul. Upgrade your wiring along with your appliances, then install new energy-efficient LED lights above work surfaces and under cabinets.
Sally Beauty Supply frontage (sign and awning)

Commercial Maintenance

Whether you need to earthquake proof the overhead light fixtures in your retail stores, convert your parking lot to LED street lamp bulbs, maintain illuminated signage, or repair your high-voltage circuits, Transform can help you with light commercial electrical contracting.
Assorted LED light bulbs. Photo from

21st-Century Lighting

By the time you reach the age of 80, you will need three to four times as much light as you did at 20. Even if you have perfect eyesight, better lighting will make your life easier. Install task lighting in kitchens, workshops, and laundry rooms.
Labels on circuits in residential electrical panel

Attention to Detail

Leo Portugal cares about details, from making sure that the electricians who work for him don't smoke or swear in front of customers to labeling every circuit on every panel. He takes the time to get all the permits in order and arrange all the inspections--city, county, PG&E. You can be sure that you'll qualify for your rebates and that everything will be in order when it comes time to sell your house.
Solar panels by Advanced Home Energy

Your Green Energy Connection

Since 2006, Transform Electric (formerly Elecix) has been working in the East Bay’s “Green Corridor” with companies like Solar City and Advanced Home Energy, installing photovoltaic (pv) inverters to connect solar cell arrays to residential electrical panels and the power grid.
Early 20th-century home in Oakland

Modernizing Classics

Where a modern detached home normally has at least a 100-amp and often a 200-amp panel, a 1920s house might only have a 30-amp panel, or at best a 60-amp panel. Operating even ordinary appliances like clothes dryers and microwaves means bringing in more power from the overhead or underground wires, and therefore getting the electric company involved.
Electrical panel for multi-unit building

Apartment Buildings

The word of the day when wiring multifamily dwelling units (as the California Electrical Code likes to call apartment buildings) is regulations. It's knowing all those extra sections of the 878-page code manual that separates commercial electricians from residential electricians.
Paparazzi North Beach Chandelier

Specialty Retail Lighting

If you want to create a sense of excitement and drama about your products, you need the right lighting. The owner of the exclusive Paparazzi stores in San Francisco and Tiburon knows that. His North Beach store required four extra circuits just for lighting.