Apartment Buildings

The word of the day when wiring multifamily dwelling units (as the California Electrical Code likes to call apartment buildings) is regulations. It’s knowing all those extra sections of the 878-page code manual that separates commercial electricians from residential electricians. There are rules governing not only the thickness of the conduit, but its distance from doorways, driveways, and windows. Panels have to mandatory clearance around them, and of course you need a larger panel and more circuits even for a comparatively small building like the one shown below.

Pulling in the line and installing the conduit and the panel took two men only one day–managing the permits and inspections from PG&E and the city of Oakland was harder than doing the job itself. You can see from the green “Approved” sticker that  everything is now up to spec. The tenants of this Craftsfman four-plex can relax and enjoy their modern amenities.

Conduit leading from electricity mains to 4-unit panel

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