Commercial Maintenance

According to the Commercial Property Owner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety (published in 2006 by the California Seismic Safety Commission),

Heavy light fixtures and duct vents are particularly hazardous to occupants if they are not properly connected to the roof or the floor above […] Each light fixture and duct vent should be securely supported with at least two wires to the building framing above.

When Texas-based Sally Beauty Supply moved into California, the company discovered that many of the buildings it had chosen for its retail locations did not meet these criteria for earthquake safety. They needed someone to retrofit the fluorescent light fixtures in their California stores. Leo Portugal was able to locate and install secure replacement fixtures that reduced the risk of heavy glass tubes falling on customers’ heads during an earthquake.

Because the refits take place in the space above the ceiling’s acoustical tiles, there’s no easy way for customers to tell which stores have met seismic compliance standards from the beginning and which have been retrofitted.

Interior of the Sally Beauty Supply on Lone Tree Way in Brentwood, CA.

Interior of the Sally Beauty Supply store on Lone Tree Way on the border between Brentwood and Antioch, CA. Photo by Sallie Goetsch.

All new retail construction should already include reinforced ceilings, walls, and windows, but if you plan to change any of the built-in fixtures, keep in mind that requirement for ceiling-mounted lights.

Whether you need to earthquake proof the overhead light fixtures in your retail stores, convert your parking lot to LED street lamp bulbs, maintain illuminated signage, or repair your high-voltage circuits, Transform can help you with light commercial electrical contracting.