21st-Century Lighting

By the time you reach the age of 80, you will need three to four times as much light as you did at 20. Even if you have perfect eyesight, better lighting will make your life easier. Install task lighting and under-cabinet lights in kitchens, workshops, and laundry rooms.

Be sure to use low-glare fixtures and distribute light sources to reduce shadows, particularly on stairways. Install safety lights on stair risers, or use motion sensors to turn lights on and off when people enter hallways and stairwells. Rocker and dimmer switches with illuminated indicators make it easy to control how much light you’re getting at what time.

A range of white LED bulbs. Photo from iStockPhoto.

And don’t worry about the power bill: you can get all that extra illumination from energy-efficient LED bulbs, even when you need full-spectrum lighting. In fact, you can find an LED bulb to fit any of your existing light fixtures. They do cost more per bulb than either incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs, but they last longer and require far less electricity.

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