Modernizing Classics

That beautiful Craftsman home you just purchased in North Berkeley was never meant to support a wide-screen TV, DVR, Xbox, stereo system, space heater, and three floor lamps all on one circuit. Many older homes aren’t even properly grounded. Some have illegal 3-prong outlets on two wires, but many have their original wiring–less than one circuit per room and as few as two circuits for an entire house.

Where a modern detached home normally has at least a 100-amp and often a 200-amp panel, a 1920s house might only have a 30-amp panel, or at best a 60-amp panel. Operating even ordinary appliances like clothes dryers and microwaves means bringing in more power from the overhead or underground wires, and therefore getting the electric company involved.

Transform Electric can replace your old knob-and-tube wiring, add more circuits to your panel, and upgrade you from a fuse box to a circuit breaker, making your home safer and giving you the freedom to use all the modern appliances you’ve come to rely on.

This early 20th-century house near Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland was powered by a handful of fuses before Leo Portugal pulled in new lines from the mains under the street and installed a modern 200A panel. Photo by Stefan Didak.