Panel & Wiring Upgrades

Replace your obsolete fuse box with a modern electrical panel in a single day, even if you need to pull down more current from the power mains. Before the upgrade, this elegant home in Oakland had its original 1920s fuse box: the entire house was powered by a mere 4 fuses. Because the neighborhood has underground power lines, the additional wires had to be pulled in under the driveway and run into a subpanel.

The rectangle of white paint shows the location of the original PG&E connection.

When a house needs additional power, arrangements have to be made ahead of time with the power company, but the entire job can still be performed in a comparatively short period of time.

Adding power from the mains is not always necessary. Sometimes there are enough amps coming into the house, but the panel is outdated, or you just need to add a couple of dedicated circuits for a home office or a workshop in the garage.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may find that your old knob-and-tube wiring won’t hold up to the load you’re putting on it, and you want to replace all the wiring in your house. This is a much bigger job, and unfortunately it’s going to take more than a day and will be much more invasive than just replacing the panel. Most people don’t have this done unless they are engaging in major renovations that require them to open up the walls.

At Transform, we aim to help you find the least destructive way to accomplish your goal. If it’s possible to keep most of your existing wiring intact without endangering you, that’s what we’ll do.