Residential Remodeling

Remodeling your home is the perfect opportunity for an electrical overhaul. Upgrade your wiring along with your appliances, then install new energy-efficient LED lights above work surfaces and under cabinets. (Few older kitchens have enough light above the stove, sink, or counter tops.)

Building the kitchen in this photo actually required removing two walls, adding structural beams, and re-routing electrical cables through the floor and ceiling. There are power sockets on the far side of the island. All the light fixtures in the house use energy-efficient bulbs, and the house also has a heat-as-you-go water heater and a solar cell array.

Remodeled kitchen with energy-efficient lighting

All the lights in this kitchen in El Cerrito use energy-efficient bulbs. Ceiling lights are recessed, with bright task lighting above range. Lighting and wiring by Leo Portugal. Photo by Stefan Didak.

In addition, the lights throughout the house are controlled by wide “rocker” switches with intensity controls (dimmers). These switches are easier for both children and older people (who may have arthritis) to operate than traditional light switches.

Bathroom light and fan switches with intensity controls

Bathroom light and fan switches with intensity controls. Light switch has internal safety light. Installed by Leo Portugal in El Cerrito. Photo by Stefan Didak.

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