Specialty Retail Lighting

Light your retail space as if it were an art gallery–or a theatrical production. If you want to create a sense of excitement and drama about your products, you need the right lighting. The owner of the exclusive Paparazzi stores in San Francisco and Tiburon knows that. His North Beach store required four extra circuits just for lighting, and he supervised the job with exacting attention to detail.

The shop windows and storefront have to be lit, of course, and in such a way as to attract the attention of diners strolling along looking for a restaurant after hours, in the middle of a very colorful neighborhood.

Just as important, and much more noticeable during the day, is the store’s interior lighting, the centerpiece of which is a chandelier shipped from Italy. Track lights hung on frames below the high ceiling illuminate the clothing racks and accessory display cases with a warm glow that makes everything look doubly enticing, yet keeps the floor free from shadows.

Track lights at Paparazzi’s North Beach location make the accessories glow, yet keep the floor safely illuminated. Photo by Stefan Didak.

Lighting around the dressing room mirrors is a far more skin-flattering color than that of the fluorescent tubes found in most department stores.

Paparazzi North Beach dressing room lights

No one will look green and unhealthy because of these dressing room lights. Photo by Stefan Didak.

Although the track lights in this store use halogen bulbs because the project was done in 2006, today it would be possible to accomplish the same thing with LED lights, lowering the store owner’s power bill considerably.

In addition to hanging the lights and adding new circuits, the electrical team had to rearrange the wiring to conceal the cables that had been running through large ducts across the ceiling. All wires now run down through the structural pillars and in the corners of the room, out of sight.

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